Kemensah Chalet - Birthday Party

| Monday, February 16, 2009

Birthday parties are great fun! 
We had such great time at one of the Kemensah waterfall last Sunday. It was held at the 'Kemensah Chalet'. I heard there is quite a few waterfalls there.
The party was for a little boy whom we all adore!  His mommy & abah threw a birthday bash for him. Lucky kid!
Wet suits & bikinis are just about the hippiest items to bring along.. It is now the time for get-together's!!

It was a downright cheerful sight to see them kids so colorful in tiny bikini tops & wet suits.

They went bonkers & started jumping into the water once they arrived. Some even brought along their floats and other water toys. Wah, even the maids threw themselves in, even though it was not as clear as it was supposed to be, as some buggers from the higher grounds were digging and building a swimming pool or something.

But, what the heck! There's some pretty decent toilet/bathrooms made available nearby, can go shower later. No hal lah!

It was also a short break for the maids, other than the usual household chores & feeding the kids.. this is the time to relax a little bit lah. The mams' & tuans' were all very understanding - & allow them to have their bits of fun with the kids! The mommies & daddies did a great job in creating some happening games for the kids too! I've so many other pictures of daddies doing the shuffle & blowing ping pong balls! - but couldn't put it up here! They'll kill me for that.. wakakaka.. 

We were late, but we weren't the last to arrive. There's some who was even later than us.. =P

The Hulk Family

The zoo entrance was all jammed pack with vehicles queuing to get into their parking.. It was a Sunday, whadya' expect - everybody going to the zoo to see the seals do thier tricks!!

That was about the only road that could lead us up there. Wah, the road is very winding, damn scary. And here we thought the old road leading to Cameron Highland is teruk. Slip of the wheel - can terus slide into the sungai man!

We had to drive past the Kampung Kemensah, another jam coz' got some folks wedding going on! We had wanted to stop by to check it out... coz' some fellas' urshered us to park our car.. maybe they thought we were friends of the bride.. lol

We drove on quite a bit more - seems like never ending.. we kept looking out for the signboard that says 'Kemensah Chalet' but instead we saw 'Joran...... something something' (can't really recall).. some fishing place.. I guess.

The roads were eventually getting narrower, dang! Still tak sampai lagi..
After another 10 minutes of driving which felt like forever, we saw the sign!!

"Kemensah Chalet".. yay!

Now, we were faced with another problem.. Looking out for them. We saw some familiar looking cars.. but couldn't see any familiar faces.. There were quite a number of families at those tiny little huts which has it's own bbq pits nearby.. all bbqing in the hot hot sun! omg!

I started to check my phones.. shit! Maxis got no line! Celcom only one bar! I tried calling.. alamak no one picking up their phones!! Sei loh! How lah to find them!?

Some fellas' greeted us, but we (err.. not we, I) made like terrer.. told them we were looking out for our friends who's throwing a party.. We took to the left.. started searching.. aik.. don't tell me they all went deep into the hutan!? (At 1st we weren't told about the waterfall). My good friend initially told me earlier that the kids had wanted to camp! We didn't see any campers.. and there was only one other path.... & that leads us into the hutan.. I told myself, oh maybe they went in there..


Luckily PJ still has some logic left.. he turned back, walked towards the fellas' at the little hut that acts as their registration counter and asked if they could direct us to where the party was.
Kan dah malu.. I pandai pandai told him I should be able to find them.. ahaks..

Aiyooo.. the party was at the other side lah.. The path to the right. They closed this section.. only for invited guests.. That's why, next time when people offer to help... don't pandai-pandai walk off.. !! Silly me!

The Officials